Thursday, June 21, 2007

Long days

Yesterday was supposed to be the day we got off early - the participants are done at 5, and they have dinner on their own, so I anticipated being home by 6:30 at the latest. It was going to be great ... I was going to go to the gym and do other boring things all by myself. Then at 5:00 we started to install a piece of educational technology in one of the rooms, and we didn't leave until 10.

I'm tired. We get done Friday night, and it would be great just to relax for a day or two, but I have to keep going. Granted, it's social stuff, stuff I signed up to do, but the thought of having to go to anything looks exhausting from this end. There's a bachelorette party Friday night - which means staying up late - and then Saturday morning I have to get up early to go canoeing. If I fall asleep on the river, make sure I have sunscreen on and let me snooze.

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Whosis said...

If you want to duck out early on Friday night, I completely understand! :) We can easily put people in cabs to get back. Just a thought...