Saturday, June 9, 2007


The weather has been brutal this week. It's in the high 80s, which is hot, but the humidity has been at least 80%, which is the brutal part. It's been especially bad for me because we've been doing a lot of shlepping at PPI.

Last night I got a break and went to go see Ocean's 13. It was pretty good. I don't know that if it was my favorite of the franchise. The first movie spent a lot of time plugging holes so their scheme seemed airtight. Now I'm no expert on casinos, although I'm sure that if in fact someone tried to pull off their deal, it would fail. But as the audience, I believed. With this one, our belief in the team's success was taken as a premise. It also felt like the cast was insanely large. I don't know if it was really larger than 12, but I found myself wondering, "OK, who was that guy again?" because it depended on us remembering the rival thief from 12, Linus' parents, etc. I also never doubted our heroes' ability to pull it off - back to our belief being a basic premise - unlike 12, which really did keep the suspense going up until the last moment. On the plus side, Matt Damon's nose was great.

Anyway, that was my big weekend excitement. The first institutes start tomorrow, so tomorrow through Thursday I'm pretty solidly busy - then we only have a week to prepare for the second round.

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