Friday, January 25, 2008

Boring side of research

Friday, per my advisor, is supposed to be "my writing" day, which apparently doesn't actually have to involve writing per se - simply devoting it to my research rather than class and whatnot. So I intended to spend a good chunk of the day working on this IRB application. IRB forms are a pain unless you have done a lot of them. They're hard to get into a state of flow with, too - just as you get into writing the 250-word abstract, it's over. Then you have to figure out what they mean by "performance sites."

I tried to work on it this morning but wasn't getting anywhere. I'd stop to check the internet, think maybe I should do homework instead, find I was missing the first page of an article, go back to the IRB, give up ... Finally I decided I needed to eliminate as many distractions as possible, so I took my laptop to the coffeeshop. I still had email access but couldn't get distracted by my readings or the realization that I need to clean the bathroom. I made progress. Eventually, though, I decided I could only do so much IRB-ing in one day.

A little bit a day and I can get it done.

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