Sunday, March 30, 2008


I have looked at my calendar, ladies and gentlemen, and the end is nigh. The end of the semester, that is, so rather than repenting and getting my affairs in order, it's time for me to finish up three papers and get stuff done like taxes, my annual student review, etc. (One may repent not getting more done before now, but it doesn't accomplish anything.)

So I'm going to be a little MIA. Oh, sure, you can expect daily posts this week, but they're going to be daily check-ins of accomplishment, not anything you want to read. I'm going on a Facebook fast for the next seven days. That's right - I'm not signing in at all until next Sunday evening.

I'm not completely hiding out. For one thing, I have classes to go to. For another, I'm not programmed like that. I figure I can justify lunch with Dr. Prepared tomorrow because it very well might be the very last time I see her before Prepared, Jr. joins us in this world.

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