Friday, January 16, 2009


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We're going backpacking this weekend, probably because we're insane - or at least everyone seems to think. I have backpacked in colder weather (let's skip over the fact that I didn't enjoy it at all), and hey, we are in the South, and our low is liable to be 20F. People sleep in tents in Antarctica, after all. People sleep on snow. People live in igloos.

So my biggest concern is packing warm. I'd rather carry a bit too much than not enough. My sleeping bag is rated to 15F, but I sleep cold, so I'm also bringing a fleece liner. Add in a Platypus bottle filled with hot water, and I should be cozy.

I'm also taking along my new tent. It's lighter than my old old one (it weighs 65% as much) and has more headroom. I put them side by side, and you can also see how much smaller it is. Yes, they're both one-person tents.

I think I'm pretty set. I'm doing last minute laundry and have a few items to pick up at the store. If I do freeze to death or get shot - oh yeah, didn't I mention there was a youth big game hunt on this weekend? Cold doesn't worry me nearly as much as adolescents with guns do.

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