Friday, January 30, 2009

Some shorts

  • I can't be bothered to find the links at the moment, but job ads for faculty positions are down 15% in history and 21% at the MLA, and rough estimates are that actual hiring is down 40%, due to freezes after ads are posted.
  • "The failing economy has taken its toll on academia like it has everywhere else. Here are just a few of the (potential) consequences of the crisis."
  • The Turnip Truck stopped selling Theo's Chocolate, which is my favorite. Much sadness.
  • Make this page more bacony. Via Made of Meat.
  • My 2009 goals are to through-hike Indiana's Knobstone Trail, complete my Cumberland Trail 50-mile patch requirements, and hike in at least two new states. My sister and I will be visiting Isle Royale in the summer, so Michigan will be one of them.

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