Monday, January 12, 2009

Wilderness Trail

Not the big view
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On Sunday we hiked the Wilderness Trail on the shore of Cordell Hull Lake. It's 6 miles long and as much elevation gain as you'll get around here - about 300 feet per mile. However, this is a horse trail, and so the trail goes straight up the hills rather than switchbacking, making for a rather vigorous experience.

The trail is a good workout and pretty but not gorgeous. Perhaps it was just the weather bringing me down, since it was overcast and cold. The hike offers a lot of views of the lake, but they are all through trees. In the summer you would be able to see much less. (It would also be very overgrown in the summer, and hot + ticks + steep hills = no thanks.)


lutheranchick said...

What temperature is cold?

turducken said...

Any temperature for which I'm not wearing quite enough clothes to stay warm!