Thursday, March 19, 2009

New trail at Shelby Bottoms

Trail entrance
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Earlier this week I discovered a new trail had been added at Shelby Bottoms. It's very short, but anything new at Shelby is exciting.

From the Visitor's Center, take the right fork of the loop. About .2 mile in, directly across from the observation platform on the river, you will see the trail entrance on the left. Don't get too excited by the straw; it's only been laid down for about as much as you can see in the picture here. After that, the trail was made simply by whacking down trees. The soil has not been compacted or anything and is rather marshy. Don't try it at this point unless you are prepared for muddy feet. The trail ends at the meadow at the center of the loop, the meadow that the observation patio looks out on.

What I found most interesting was that all up and down the new trail there were deer prints. I've never seen a deer at Shelby, but they must be there.

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