Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring break part I

Blue Hole Falls
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I left town last Saturday, heading south on I-5 to Old Stone Fort State Park. After seeing a freeway sign for "wind powered coffee" I stopped here for a drink. It wasn't much farther to the park, which has a very misleading name. Settlers saw the rock walls and assumed the area was a fort, but archeologists have since decided otherwise. I wouldn't even have known there were walls; they were never tall, and time has broken them down and covered them so they just look like small mounds. The wall itself is at the top of a plateau-topped bluff surrounded by the Duck River.

The main trail that circles the walls is just 1.5 miles long. There are several optional excursions down to see waterfalls and the river that are difficult to strenuous, making the total distance I hiked 2.6 miles. Most hikes this distance don't offer much scenery - or they are overrun with crowds. This one was neither. It was a very pleasant surprise.

After this break, I got back on the road to Soddy-Daisy where the Cumberland Traiil Conference was camped out.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the Stone Fort when I went. The remains were so-so, but the rivers are what sold me.