Saturday, March 27, 2010

Modern happenings

I've felt dumber than a box of rocks this weeks, thanks to a cold. (I never see "feeling like your IQ has dropped 50 points" listed as a symptom of illness, but it should be.) Thanks to Mucinex-D, I at least have the choice between sleeping and breathing - which is an improvement over doing neither. This is why I am posting at nearly midnight despite being ill.

Today was Graduate Student Research Day, at which I presented my scholarship of teaching and learning project, which is part of earning a Teaching Certificate at Vanderbilt.

Yesterday I saw the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble.

Wednesday I experienced a free lunch.

Tuesday I reached a milestone in dissertation data collection.

Monday I went to a birthday party.

That's the past. The future? This weekend I was supposed to do trail maintenance, but I backed out due to the aforementioned cold. Then it was canceled anyway. This at least frees me up for a very important happening on Sunday - the return of team Shazam! to trivia competition.

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