Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picture find

More deer
Originally uploaded by TheTurducken
Sorry for the quiet around here. I've been busy with the dissertation, especially with traveling. As an indicator of how busy, here's a photo from hiking on Sunday - what is noteworthy is that it was the first hike I had done in a month and a half. So, to keep you busy ...

... Kids! Can you find the six deer in this photo?

OK, it's a trick. Three are to the left, out of the frame. But can you find the other three?


bart said...

Hey Eve,
Long time no hassle.
What kind of dissertation are you
I have thousands of them stored
here at the IU Warehouse whitch
I just happen to manage.
We just shredded about 200 lbs.
of dissertations form the 30s and
I might have just what you need!!

I can tell it has been a while
since you been hiking.
Your seeing triple and need to get
your woods eyes back.
Because I only see 2 deer.

Have fun, life is too short not too have fun.
Bart Nott

turducken said...

I would prefer one that isn't shredded, thanks!

There are three deer, I promise you. But you really probably can't tell in this photo, because they blend in with the trees so well.