Monday, June 7, 2010

LeConte Lodge weekend trip

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This weekend I checked LeConte Lodge off my to-do list. We hiked up on Friday and spent the night before hiking down the next day. I had hiked up to the top before, but only as a dayhike. The Lodge, I thought, wasn't quite as nice as the Hike Inn, but the scenery is much more impressive. (For one thing, there are very few people in this world I can really get sleep next to in a double bed.) We got lucky and avoided hiking in the rain - it thoughtfully waited until the evening.

The next day a few of us stuck around and camped at Elkmont, also in the part, to watch to synchronous fireflies. Well, I was hoping for an Esther Williams type of show, which of course I didn't get. The fireflies don't actually blink in unison, contrary to my assumption; they all blink for a few seconds, and then they all go dark. It's pretty impressive, especially given the number of fireflies that are out at once. It's not like your backyard, where a handful are zipping and zapping around.

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