Sunday, June 13, 2010

Link soup

Logtop garden
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The photo is from last weekend's hike on LeConte. It's the top of a log that houses its own little garden. These links have nothing to do with moss, mushrooms, or logs.

Baby's Touch 'N Feel Guide to Russian Literature.

Flight to the suburbs may be reversing.

What do presidents think aobut during commencement?

An unnatural, perverse lust.

Higher ed stuff: How students can "demonstrate interest" in a college. I am very surprised this article doesn't discuss how "demonstrated interest" is correlated with class. For many students, a visit to campus is prohibitively expensive. And for first-generation students, or the only student in a family to consider elite schools, they have no idea that "demonstrating interest" is something to do - after all, you've applied, right? Knowledge of "appropriate" self-promotion is a function of class position and social capital.

Second-tier athletic programs are costing their schools big bucks.

A very relevant article about my life.

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