Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The mandatory every-so-often linkdump:

Worried about not getting that journal article accepted? Save yourself the worry by submitting it somewhere you know it won't get in - The Journal of Universal Rejection.

It seems like there are a million different kinds of soft drinks available, but in fact the vast majority are owned by a very few companies. (Via Tobias Bucknell.)

Uh, I've been collecting this set of links for a while, it seems … If someone bought me this, i would marry them. Like, right then and there. (Via the Fug Girls.)

In academia, people tend to beat themselves up for slacking, and then vow to be super duper productive to make up for it. That doesn't work. What works better: Sucking less. (Not that this is unique to academia, but few lines of work are as self-directed. The opportunity for slacking is greatly reduced on an assembly line.)

Yeah, it's a good song, but the video is what's really awesome. (Via Fall.)

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