Saturday, February 10, 2007


I've spent most of today (and a good chunk of yesterday) slogging through Weber's Theory of Social and Economic Organization. The part of real relevance to me is the final hundred pages or so, where he talks about traditional, charismatic, and bureaucratic authority. Unfortunately, I assigned myself the entire book when I made up my directed reading syllabus, so first I have to wade through 250 pages that I'm tempted to call economic taxonomy. On the list of Things Turducken Does Not Enjoy, reading about bimetallism is right up near the top. But I just now reached the good part, "good" being relative, of course.

In other achievements, this morning in yoga I did a headstand without using the wall for the first time. (If you follow that link - be warned that the picture is of a guy in a Speedo with very hairy legs.) I've been going to yoga three times a week lately, which also means I am sleeping a lot more. Two of the classes are pretty vigorous, and one is Ashtanga primary series, which leaves me pretty wiped. Really, it's a miracle I only almost fell asleep reading Weber after class today.

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UNC said...

I'm impressed by the headstand thing. I'm always afraid I'm going to break my neck.