Monday, February 12, 2007


I have a cold that can't quite make up its mind how bad to be. Physically, there's a minor sore throat, mildly itchy ears, and some snot, but not enough to be totally disgusting. Mentally, though, I'm addicted to sleep and have a slightly woolly brain. I managed to propel myself through reading Weber and Parsons for sociology of higher ed, but I can't bring the readings together enough to write about them. The cold is probably still contagious, so I'm staying home - although the only person I'd be likely to see much of is my officemate, who is responsible for it in the first place. But at home I can wear my pajamas and take a nap if need be. Tomorrow afternoon we have class, so I'd best rest up while I can.

Unfortunately, the taks still facing me to do today/in the next few days are all more mentally taxing than reading (putting together a mock IRB proposal, for example). Most of my mental power at the moment is being used up in wishing the dogs next door would STOP BARKING.


Owen said...

I think I'm getting a cold too. Bleh.

Owen said...

having two blogger accounts is too confusing.

turducken said...

I would be confused, too.

However, I'm pretty sure that I am not responsible for your cold, at least.