Saturday, February 17, 2007

Let it snow

For the second year in a row, it snowed on PhD recruitment weekend.

It snowed this morning, but it didn't stick. I had no trouble driving to yoga, although our teacher couldn't make it in, so I ended up driving to another studio for a different class. It warmed up above freezing but then started snowing again after lunch. I had to go to campus for a recruitment dinner. I decided to go in early and get some work done, before the snow started sticking, and the roads were fine. It didn't really start to stick until after dinner when the temperature dropped. On my way home after (a friend and I had planned to see a movie but we decided not to), the roads were fine until I got to the Shelby Street bridge - remember, you have to go over the river ("and through the hood" the bumper sticker says) to get to East Nashville. The bridge was slick in places, which you might expect, and then on the other side most of the roads were slippery too. I'm not sure why - maybe less traffic? I saw a few cars swerving a bit. I was glad I was going home earlier than expected.

For a Yankee, I'm nervous about driving in snow. I can talk a good game, but the fact is I moved out of snow country well before I learned how to drive. The one thing I do know is go slow - but if I ever end up in real snow country, I'll be in trouble.

By the way, the potential students were all great. I love doing recruitment weekend and talking up Vanderbilt and meeting the people who (hopefully) will be our new classmates. But I was disappointed that none of our faculty threatened to crush their souls this year.

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