Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is done better than good?

I just climbed out from under from a stack of work for a temporary breather. I'll have to go back under soon, though, because it's that time of the semester.

Thursday evening I was up late working on a project due the next day at 2 p.m. The last-minute scramble was entirely my own fault, due to procrastination. I didn't sleep well (too much coffee), and then I had to get up early to work on it some more. At 9:30 it was pretty much done, so I shifted gears and met with my partner on a project for practicum. We worked on that until lunchtime, at which time I had to turn my attention to a minor project that was part of the other one. I got that all done and in, but instead of feeling relieved that 3/4 of my classes were finished, I mostly felt bummed that I hadn't done a great job on one of them. I rushed off to a haircut and then to meet friends for dinner. I was tired already, but we had plans for the evening - dinner and Grindhouse. (Aside to my mom, who wanted my opinion on the film - I thought it was pretty awesome, but I wouldn't particularly recommend it to you.*) That didn't get done until after midnight.

I had the greatest of intentions to go to yoga this morning; it was the last ashtanga class being taught by a teacher I really like at a studio near me that was closing, but my body went carpe dormium and I didn't wake up in time. Now I'm sort of trapped in East Nashville, since many of the streets are closed for the Country Music Marathon.

After the breather, though, I have three paper proposals to finish this weekend. ASHE conference proposals are due May 1, a date that is good for no one in academia. And that final 1/4 undone is a paper for our higher ed seminar due May 7.

* Alright, I do have one question that is bothering me, which you would think would be a minor detail since we after all talking about a zombie movie, the category of which is not closely related to genre of documentary film, but how does Cherry shoot the replacement leg gun? She doens't use her hands. Mysteries!

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