Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It'll knock you out

Taxes, my clutch - just when I'm tired of spending money on boring things, I had to go out and buy ... antivirus software. There aren't any viruses for the Mac OS, so I didn't have any. There are, however, Microsoft Word viruses that you can catch. Apparently I caught one that doesn't do much to Macs themselves but can spread to anyone you share Word docs with. If you have it, come Dec. 13 it tries to wipe your C drive. I only caught it when gmail would not email an attachment, saying it had a virus. So if I've sent you any Word documents recently, you might want to check your own status.

The software spent most of the evening running - I did the whole hard drive, because I wasn't sure that Word docs weren'e lurking in unlikely folders - and of course I didn't want to reopen Word until everything was disinfected, so there went my plans to get work done last night.

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