Sunday, April 22, 2007


First dance
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I went to Lawrence, Kansas this weekend for the wedding of two friends from my masters program. The wedding was lovely, and several of our other friends from IUPUI were there as well, so it was a mini-reunion. This is the last wedding any of us are anticipating for a while, so we'll have to find other ways to reunite.

Tomorrow it's back to school for the last week of classes. Thursday is my last class, although everything isn't actually due until May 7. (Yes, Vandy readers, Tuesday is the last official day of classes, but things can slide around when you have one class of four students and another that's an indepedent study.) So the next semester, Maymester, actually starts for me before this semester ends. During Maymester we have practicum - every afternoon! - and I'm probably going to audit HLM.

Then - June and the Peabody Professional Institutes start.

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