Monday, April 30, 2007

Joining up

Back in August, I wrote about looking for a new gym. I ended up deciding to stick with Vanderbilt's gym for a while to see how it went, and I ended up doing that all year. On the plus side, the price was right, and the equipment is decent, but on the negative side the vibe is weird and the location not so great. I had to attach my gym trips to visits to campus. The biggest negative was that it doesn't have decent yoga classes, so I ended up spending as much as I saved on going to those at a studio. Today it suddenly occurred to me that I was about to lose access - there is no mandatory summer rec fee, so if I wanted to keep going I had to pay. Granted, the fee is very low, but it seemed like I might as well look around.

The "big" gyms are still all way out of my price range, and the Y's are still not my cup of tea or really conveniently located, but a new gym had opened up a few months ago within a mile of my place. I figured it was out of my price range, but on a whim I stopped in today. It turned out that it would cost more than Vanderbilt's Student Rec Center, but the fee was within my grasp. And they were willing to let me get a four-month membership for just this summer.

Now I have no excuse if I'm not in shape in time to hike Mt. St. Helens in August.

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