Monday, February 18, 2008


I have a delightful cold, manifesting itself primarily as a sore throat and a mild sinus headache. As diseases go, it's not serious - better than the shot-proof flu that's going around - but I'm staying home to keep my germs to myself. Experience has taught me that a mild cold for me will attack most people with twice the vigor. (See, I'm thoughtful like that.) I've been sitting in bed today and catching up on reading that didn't get done during the weekend festivities.

Because of the cold, though, I have no brilliant thoughts to post. I used up what few brain cells are not under attack by virus to write this week's stratification paper. Not that I normally have brilliant thoughts to post, mind you - but under normal circumstances I could dredge up something to say about Step Up 2, brunch, or the peculiar ritual of PhD visit weekend. I got nothing.

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