Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wild, wild life

Not a goose
Originally uploaded by TheTurducken
Let's start with the admission that, while I take a lot of pictures of the great out of doors, half the time I don't know what it is I'm taking. "That's a tree," I can confidently assert. "And that's an, um, a bird." OK, I'm exaggerating a little: I know an oak when I see it - as long as it still has leaves. I can tell a goose from a robin. But I'm no John Audubon.

Which means I had no idea what the bird shown here is. It was hanging out at the goose pond at Shelby Park. A little internet research suggests it may be a Muscovy duck, which doesn't seem nearly interesting enough. I mean, look at this guy. Can you see him with a bow around his neck, repeated around the border of your kitchen?

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