Wednesday, February 6, 2008

East Bank Greenway

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The East Bank Greenway is only 1/2 mile long, and it only connects to other paths on one end. It exists to "do something" with the chunk of land on the east bank of the Cumberland River that is orphaned between Titans Stadium, the Pedestrian Bridge, and the Woodland Street Bridge.

So they decided to put in a short trail and some Public Art. Although Nashville does not have a strong history of manufacturing and industry, it apparently has enough to inspire they (whoever they are) to give the park an Industrialism As Art theme. Gasworks Park it ain't. There is clearly labeled salvage art next to gussied up salvage next to freshly made art - next to genuine industrial refuge that has not been ironically placed, like the seat shown in the photo. (And there is a real, working industrial-era railroad track.) The site can't decide whether it's a memorial or a celebration. It doesn't feel deliberately polyvocal, just as if a city planner said, "Well, there is all this stuff there ... what about art on the cheap? And then we don't have to clean up all that crap."

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