Monday, May 26, 2008

Another disappointment

A little damp
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Not a good weekend for hiking. Today's hike should have been good - I've done it before, and it's six pleasant miles. And the forecast only was for a 40% chance of rain - odds I can play.

It was pretty ominous out as I prepared to leave the house, but we decided to chance it. As I drove west to pick up my friend, the sky lightened. It got sunnier as we cruised down the highway until it was positively nice out. Hot and humid, sure, but not raining. The sky clouded up again as we hiked, however. Then the rain started. By itself, it wasn't too bad, since it was warm enough that chills weren't an issue. But the thunder was more worrisome. At around two miles we decided to turn around.

The rain waxed and waned. We decided to stop at the Wildcat Shelter for a respite, but as we approached we saw the coupled camped there was now involved in a very private activity. We passed on interrupting them and trudged back to the car.

The day has been mostly raining, with thunderstorms, ever since.

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