Sunday, May 11, 2008


This weekend was graduation weekend, meaning that all kinds of events were held ranging from The Party to graduation. I ended up not going to graduation (I couldn't decide which of two ceremonies to go to, and split the difference with neither.) But it is a sad time of the year; some of my best friends are graduating. Naturally, I'm happy for them, and happy for the ones who have found great jobs and will thus be leaving town, but I'm going to miss them. Even my officemate, who isn't graduating, is likely to spend most of his summer with the in-laws.

Among other losses, I must say goodbye to - my umbrella. Almost exactly ten years ago, the CWRU alumni association gave them out to graduating seniors. It wasn't very attractive, but it was the one umbrella I couldn't manage to lose while nice umbrellas always disappeared. The cap had recently fallen off the end, and it had to be whacked to make it open. This week I realized I couldn't find it. It wasn't in its usual spot in the car, nor in my office, nor in my living room. I suspect it had an expiration date; if Case was actually having a ten-year reunion, I bet a new umbrella would magically come into my possession. As it is, I'll have to buy one.

However, umbrellas are much easier to replace than friends. So good luck to all of you graduators!

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