Sunday, May 25, 2008

A trail to skip

So my friend suggested doing a hike, nothing too killer, and I offered her three choices - two I had done previously and one new one. She picked the new one. Oops.

The Twin Forks trail is primarily a horse trail. Now I've hiked on pedestrian-friendly horse trails before. You expect a little mud, a wide path, and some horse poop. This trail, however, was very narrow and extremely muddy. It was brushy, too, which meant watching out for ticks. Most of it really looked like the picture here. We spent a good deal of our time looking at the ground instead of at the views of the river, although there weren't as many views as the guidebook had led me to believe.

The hike is supposed to be a 1.5-mile loop - the trail continues on, but it loops back to the road. We finally reached a really muddy, nasty stretch and decided to turn around. Later I figured we were at the 1.2-mile point, so we were almost done, but I was also afraid we'd missed the path back to the parking lot.

The highlight of the trip was when a wild turkey burst out of the underbrush - it seemed as startled as us. It started making a wide circle around the trail, honking the entire time. Otherwise, the trip didn't offer anything to make up for the icky trail. Next time, leave this one to the horses.

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