Monday, May 5, 2008

Saving gas

With the high price of gas, I feel guilty and broke every time I drive. This is especially true if it's a longish drive by myself. So I'm trying to cut back on my driving.

Since classes are out, I have to spend less time on campus, although I still need to put in some face time. I'm trying to go in only three days a week instead of four this month. And I'm trying to make one of those days a no-drive day. The trick is to not just put off all my errands until the next day, thereby saving no gas at all. So Tuesdays and Fridays I don't go in, and Tuesday I don't drive. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the library to return a video, and then I'm going to the grocery store. Those are the sorts of errands I shouldn't be driving for anyway, since they're so close. Well, the library, definitely, because books and videos don't melt, I don't check out enough to be hard to carry, and I can always put it off until a sunny day. If I need groceries and it's 102 degrees or pouring rain, forget the walking.

Of course, with this Friday being graduation, I'm going to go to campus anyway. I'm just not going to work.

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