Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And this is after the yoga helped considerably

I have spent much of this week feeling behind. I'm supposed to be concentrating on my dissertation, but everything else keeps popping up. And I have no right to complain, because it's all stuff I've agreed to do.
  • I'm not working at this week's institute, but there are tasks for the next one, because I'm the coordinator for it.
  • My chair has paid me to do some research, and I'm behind where I'd like to be on that.
  • I'm supposed to be writing a book chapter.
  • There are three papers I need to revise and submit to journals.
  • Oh yeah, the dissertation.
All of these things are either things I've promised to do or am being paid to do, so it's difficult to say no. I think my weekend plans are about to go up in smoke, because otherwise I'll feel more guilty, and get behind, and at least one person I owe stuff to will be rightly aggrieved (which one, take your pick).

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