Monday, June 30, 2008

I hate those Merrell ads

I don't know where else they appear, but they're on Facebook at least:
  • "Remember how you talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail someday? Why don't you take a hike this weekend?" Message: Yeah, you big lazy lug. Stop just talking and get off your arse and do it, or shut up. Who is this supposed to appeal to? I'm already hiking this weekend, thank you very much. And if I wasn't, do they really think an ad is going to motivate me via guilt? Now if my mom calls me up and says, "Geez, you keep talking about doing the AT," maybe that would work. Merrell? Not so much.
  • "Remember when you ran further than the guy who got you into running in the first place? Like you'd forget." Message: You are the kind of competitive jerk who has to remind everyone else of exactly how good you are. Ah, yes, July 15, 2006 ...and I was wearing Adidas at the time.

Apparently Merrell is the brand of choice for bullies and jerks. In any case, all these ads make me want to do is not be associated with Merrell in any way. Not that I am now, as their hiking boots don't fit me well. I believe this works out well for both of us.


lutheranchick said...

Huh, Facebook just tries to sell me cute shoes, the kind with polka dots and a really high heel.

turducken said...

Get those too. Think it has "smart" ads - I also get ones for "over 30 dating."

Anonymous said...

What is Merrell anyway?

turducken said...

Merrell is a company that makes hiking boots and trail running shoes.