Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ways in which I am Not Cool

  • I don't like The Decemberists. I think the lead singer has a voice almost as irritating as that dude from AC/DC's.
  • I'm still aggravated that there are now blue M&Ms.
  • I'm spending my summer working and dissertating rather than backpacking through Europe or something.
  • I've never seen So You Think You Can Dance.
  • When I saw the new Weezer video, I had to look up most of the references.
  • I'm not in a band. I don't date anyone in a band.
  • See above, except replace "band" with "singer/songwriter."
  • I don't own a bicycle.
  • So you can probably figure out I don't do triathlons, what with not having a bike.
  • I don't own a Vespa, a loft, a Mini Cooper, or a hybrid.
  • I haven't been to a dance club in, geez, since I moved to Nashville for sure.
  • I'm over 30.
  • Really, that settles things. I'm pretty sure you can't be considered cool once you've hit 30, especially if you did so without having a quarterlife crisis.


smanda said...

Aw, I still think you're way hipper than most people in their early 30s.

David said...

I was bored and surfing and found your blog. I for one am amazed you are over 30. Seriously. Now granted I only met you once, but I swear I thought mid 20s as the OLDEST!

But if it means anything... I think women in their 30s who have taken care of themselves are much more attractive (physically and mentally) than younger women. People in their young 20s tend to get on my last nerve because they act just like I did in my 20s. :)