Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm hating Merrell even more

New ad: "Capsizing in class 4 whitewater and getting back in the boat made for a great water-cooler chat on Monday"

Because you don't do your hobbies for intrinsic enjoyment, but to impress other people. I picture this dude (you know it's a guy) as Drew from Office Space bragging about how he "bagged some class 4" over the weekend while everyone else just waits for him to shut up.

Not buying Merrell products. Ever.

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lutheranchick said...

**Gruesome Aside**

Right now that ad just seems morbid to me. I can only think it was aimed at people who don't live too close to big rapids.

Recently around here an experienced kayaker wearing a life vest capsized and the river was so strong she couldn't right the kayak or get out of it. Due to the current, they were only able to pull the body from the river yesterday, more than a week later, it having been visible to people rafting by the whole time.

No watercooler bragging on that one.