Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?

Yesterday morning I sat sleepily at my computer checking my email, until I sat up straight, startled, uttering mild oaths. The email that had occasioned this was a listserv that often includes job announcements, and on this occasion it included the very first job posting for an assistant-level, tenure-track faculty position starting in fall 2009. In other words, job season is now open.

I've been debating how to handle job searches in this blog. In general I am open about most things, but a certain amount of discretion is more appropriate in job-hunting. I've decided that I will post relevant job openings as I see them. Just because I have posted a job does not mean I have applied for it. In some cases, I may explain why I am not applying, just to give a better sense of the market. In other cases, you'll just have to wonder. Only after the entire search is done will I give any more specific account of it all.

So this
first position
is at Miami University of Ohio. They're looking for an assistant or associate professor with a focus on student affairs. I will not be applying, because I have no expertise in that area, and I am not interested in developing it, either. However, seeing it is a definite prod!

Now, time to revamp my CV, get my references lined up, and whip out a little dissertation.


Chad Lykins said...

Which list serve are you talking about?

turducken said...

Association for the Study of Higher Education.