Monday, July 28, 2008

Looking for tips

I'm going to be in DC and I'll have one day all to myself. The next day I'll be doing some sort of touristy stuff with a friend. Last time I was in DC, we did the "walk around the mall" thing and visited the Smithsonian museum of arts and industry.

So there are a lot of places left that I haven't seen. In fact, the choices are rather overwhelming. Anyone have suggestions for what the must-see attractions are? Or for attractions that are a little unusual and not quite overrun with people? (I'll be getting around by Metro and on foot.)


Rebecca said...

I am dying to go to the library of congress! Of course it would take me months to get through the smithsonian.....Or what about a wander around georgetown university?

Anonymous said...

The Spy museum is fun and different. And the Smithsonian art museums (asian/african/american) can take a long time.

I like the US botanic garden near the Capitol building. I'm biased. But it really is nice.

If you want something depressing, you could go to the Holocaust museum. Its good, but will bum you out for the rest of your day.

If you like pandas and its a good day, you could go to the zoo (Woodley Park metro stop).

There's also some neighborhoods you can metro to and do some poking around or shopping: Dupont Circle, Georgetown (Farragut West stop), Eastern Market.

turducken said...

I'm pretty sure everybody likes pandas.

Whosis said...

I think you should at least take a picture at the Library of Congress. I don't know if public transportation will get you there, but you could go to Arlington Cemetary and see the eternal flame.

Chad Lykins said...

My favorite coffee shop is M. Swing's at 17th and G, near the Faragut West metro stop (also not far from the White House). It's been around for a long time and seems to be immune of the hipster-look-how-cool-my-coffee is vibe.

Another fun thing: you can check out Thomas Jefferson's personal library at the Library of Congress.