Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1/3 there

One paper down, two to go. So far my time allocation scheme seems to be working. I had through yesterday to finish my first paper; today, Thursday, and Friday to finish the next one; and the weekend for the final paper. It doesn't make for an exciting week, however.

Now don't think that I'm trying to do an entire paper from start to finish in three days. I've done all my research and written an outline. This is literally just the writing - getting what's in my head and in my references into the paper. As I start to fill in the outline, though, I'm finding that there are points that need to be eliminated, added, or rearranged. (This will be less true of my final paper, which does original data analysis, and thus follows the time-honored form of intro-lit review-data and methods-results-conclusion.) Eliminating points in particular worries me, because my papers always tend to run short.

3 days to write at least 25 doubled-spaced pages. Except I write single-spaced, so that's about 13 pages. Let's say five pages a day. I'm at 2, so back at it.

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