Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday in review

Thursday morning was a grab bag of stuff. I printed readings, registered for summer credits (zero dissertation hours - yes, you're registering for nothing!), sent some emails, updated PPI stuff, yada yada yada. Then I couldn't face my paper, so I worked on my annual evaluation form, which is due on tax day.

Went to class in a torrential downpour. Then I stopped by the library to pick up an interlibrary loan needed for my access paper, only to discover the book couldn't be removed from the library. (I'm pulling the data for my paper from it.) So I spent some time working on it, finding it wasn't as complete as I expected and getting frustrated. I went home to mull on it and surprised myself by actually writing up a chunk of that paper - the data and limitations section. I know it's not my priority paper for this week, but I figure paper inspiration is rare enough to be seized whenever it happens. Then I went to yoga, still sore from Tuesday's class.

I really should take a post-yoga shower, but I need a cup of hot tea first. Maybe I can finish The American College and the Culture of Aspiration, 1915-1940 tonight. It's a library book, and someone recalled it. Pfft.

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