Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another one down

Despite practicum hanging over us, I did get away this weekend. A few of us went out to Camp's Gulf to go caving and camp out. (Note: In the local patois, "gulf" doesn't mean the opposite of a peninsula. It means a valley.) We went as far as the third big room, which doesn't require any vertical but involves climbing a lot of breakdown. No pictures, because I never bring my camera caving. Caving is murder on cameras unless you have a tough (and waterproof) case, which I don't. I came back to town Saturday night because I had some plans and obligations for today. One of those plans was to go with another friend to Kali Yuga Yoga, a new studio a few blocks from me. It was a gentle class, which I needed after caving.

As far as practicum, I've been making a lot of graphs with Stata. That's about as much as you want to hear about that, I'm sure.

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