Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Maymester, with an entire semester crowded into one month, produces the most undifferentiated days of the academic calendar. During a regular semester every day of the week has its own flavor, but during Maymester each weekday is the same. That's one reason I don't have much to post.

My mornings are divided between collaborating with Mr. Kindhearted on our practicum project and working on getting things ready for the Peabody Professional Institutes. There is an occasional diversion (on Monday my advisor and I dived into Project Snowball for the morning), but not many. In the afternoons we have practicum. This week we're in the middle of group presentations, which are supposed to be three hours long. I spend some spare minutes, especially in the evening, working on odds and ends from practicum or PPI as well as another project, which I suppose needs a code name. ("Project Inputting Data by Hand Sucks" isn't going to work, though.) I try to go to the gym most days. Tonight I'm really mixing things up by reading some Veysey.

The weekends bring some variety. I get to take one day off from school.

My to-do list for the next couple of weeks reads something like: a) submit that journal article b) gather all the data for the as-yet-unnamed project c) finish our practicum project.

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