Thursday, May 17, 2007

Looking for love? Click here!

Tired of not dating in grad school? Tired of trying to meet people outside of academia, and then spending all your time explaining why you're poor, why you don't have any free time, and that you'll be lucky to have one job offer when you graduate? Afraid to date anyone in your department but unable to meet anyone outside of it?

Then my new dating service is for you.

PhD Assortative Mating is a new online dating service only for PhD students. No masters or EdD students need apply! Our clients are limited to the select crowd pursuing the doctor of philosophy - you and people like you. With PhD Assortative Mating, you can meet the man or woman of your dreams online. Someone intelligent - someone who understands you - someone who understands why you're in the lab on a Friday night.

Can't find anyone near you? Don't worry! Our clients are all over the United States and Canada. When you're working on a PhD, after all, you can't expect to actually spent time with that special someone. A long-distance relationship is actually an efficient timesaver. You can have the emotional support of a relationship (AND get those relatives off your back!) without actually taking time away from your dissertation.

Yes, for the low price of only one ramen packet a day, you can find true love! Click here now to find out more.

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Chandra said...

Oh my gosh this is just perfect!! i will be a UGA Geography Phd student in the Fall and i think your blog about PhD singles is hysterical. yes it can be difficult to explain why one is broke, busy, and single to family...not to mention well-intentioned non-single friends. yikes!