Monday, May 7, 2007

When educators attack

Arthur Levine has released his latest broadside against schools of education. You won't find much in there that Peabody faculty will disagree with (at least based on this writeup), except for his concern that education hasn't settled on one methodology. Well, no. There are two kinds of departments in colleges. Disciplines start with a method (field observation or looking at particles) and apply it to whatever it can reasonably be used for. Fields start with a question and beg, borrow, or steal methods to answer it. Education is a field, and hence no single method, and Dr. Levine ought to know that.

Anyway, if anyone has been reading a lot of dissertations lately, they would find variety in quality to be staggering. (The answer to the question, "Does anyone read dissertations?" is "Yes.")

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Smanda said...

"Does anyone read dissertations?"

Yes, but only other graduate students trying to figure out how the heck to write one.