Sunday, May 6, 2007

One more down.

Having just turned in my last paper for the semester, I hereby pronounce spring semester 2007 to be officially OVER. Normally I would rush off for lunch at Noshville in celebration, but it is 9:15 at night, and anyway I had a big barbecue dinner. We were out hiking in Montgomery Bell State Park, doing a shorter hike than we meant to - our eyes being bigger than our feet, or something - and we were all craving barbecue. It turned into something of a quest, as the first two places we went to were closed. We finally got our barbecue and sweet tea, though.

Actually, the hike wasn't our original plan, either. We had intended to do Fiery Gizzard, which is either 9 or 13 strenuous miles, depending on the route you pick, but last night we decided we weren't up to it. Instead, we decided on nearby Montgomery Bell; its long hike is 11 miles, but the terrain is flatter - about 100 feet of elevation per mile. Once we were out there, we decided instead to do only one portion of it, which ended up being 7.5 miles. I can't speak for anyone else, but I was tired from both too much and not enough exercise. That is, I never work out enough during the last few weeks of the semester; then this last week I exercised a lot after joining the new gym by me. So 7.5 was plenty.

And then I finished my paper and emailed it in.

Tomorrow, however, practicum starts back up. No rest for the wicked.

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Whosis said...

Yippee!! Spring semester 2007 is finally over!! :)