Monday, June 10, 2013


The primary reason I came to Brazil was to do capoeira. The first week, though, I chose to stay in Pantano do Sul and relax and hike.

The second week, I stayed with a friend near the university. As the crow flies, it isn't that far from where the Mestre teaches, but it's 3 buses and two walks - she suggested I give it three hours. I didn't have directions until Wednesday, but I was told the Wednesday night class wouldn't be a good one for me.

Thursday I tried to go to a Professor's class in the neighborhood, but I couldn't find it. (This was my first major navigation fail.)

Friday night, I did get a ride to Mestre's roda - thank you very much, Beluga!

This week I moved to the neighborhood of Lagoa. It's one bus away from Mestre - I could stay closer, but the closer hostels are a long walk from grocery stores, etc. Maybe I should have gone with one of them, as I discovered today there is a bus strike. It's an hour and a half walk, and not on streets I want to walk after dark. If I go Wednesday, I will leave early and hang out after dark.

The best-laid plans!

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