Thursday, March 29, 2007

I knew this would happen eventually

Yesterday was not as productive as I'd hoped.

Yesterday evening I went to The Raft, an annual event where professors from the four departments that teach undergraduates debate about which one gets to ride on the raft in a post-apocalyptic setting. (Presumably, the rest die, although I suspect engineering could just build their own raft.) Prof. Heyneman represented Peabody and did an excellent job, but engineering won. I tell you, we were robbed - they won because they had a louder cheering section. Therefore, dear reader, depending on whom you are, I may put the blame squarely on you for not showing up.

When I got home I dumped my bags and headed out the door to run to Kroger. I had my wallet and keys in hand, but the moment I pulled the door shut behind me, I realized I only had my secondary keys - not my car or, more importantly, house keys. And I was locked out. My cell phone was still inside, too, so I couldn't call the landlord. Luckily my neighbor was home, so she called our landlord. He was out and about so I had to wait two hours. I really appreciate my neighbor letting me stay at her place to wait, since mosquitos had eaten half of my body in the few minutes outside.

By the time I got back inside, though, it was too late for me to write my 3-5 page essay for the soc of higher ed (this week's topic: faculty).

Note to self: Get spare keys.

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Smanda said...

Ah yes, what the world needs is more forums for professors to talk about how they are God's greatest gift to mankind.