Sunday, March 18, 2007

Passing is possible

Friday morning I went to Y's dissertation defense. She passed quite satisfactorily, so from now on I suppose we must call her Dr. Y.

Things for me haven't gone so well. That afternoon I had to take my laptop in to the Apple store, since on Thursday my trackpad essentially stopped working. It had occasionally been freezing up for a while, but suddenly it was frozen more often than it worked. When I took it in, they also noticed some faint blotches on the screen. I hadn't thought anything about them, but they said it needed to be sent in for a new display, too. (Mind you, my back up hard drive had just recently stopped working - not long after the warranty expired of course! - so I had to buy a new one to back up my data before sending my iBook off to the hospital.)

I'm also experiencing some mild ankle pain and am trying to decide whether I should go see the doctor. Since I've turned 30, it seems like some part or other of my body is giving my grief, but it's generally not serious. My knee really is better, as long as I remember to stretch properly. At the beginning of the semester my left hand was hurting, making it hard to do down dog or even grasp things tightly. I was finally talked into seeing the doctor, although I had to cancel the appointment at the last minute, and it cleared up on its own. I don't want to be a hypochondriac running in every week with some new twinge. So I don't know, is this just one of those things that happen, or is it serious, and how do I know when it is serious?

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