Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday reading

Good news! I went hiking today, and I remembered my boots. If hiking doesn't amuse you, perhaps these links will.

"How come the little brown tree-dwellers have come to be considered as suitable objects for staring at as if they were architectural ruins like Greek temples, or geological oddities like Monument Valley?" Voyeurismo.

College admissions in a nutshell. Don't read all these books; the review is enough to keep you plenty informed for cocktail parties - or for talking to higher ed students.

"'You think this is odd, you shoulda been here last month,' Sal tells me. 'We had a Mad Max party and a Priscilla Queen of the Desert party at the same time'". Finding the "real" Outback.

Now this is how I like to have a good time. "During the hill walk, rectal temperatures were measured continuously." Alright, the article isn't that interesting; I just wanted to put that quote out there.

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