Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time to switch?

I am incredibly angry at Apple right now.

Last Christmas I purchased a refurbished iBook through the online store. My previous iBook had been off to be repaired too many times (three new motherboards), and being without my computer that much was a real pain. It was a G3, which had known motherboard problems, so I replaced it with a G4. After my experience with the G3, naturally I purchased AppleCare, their extended warranty plan. While the repairs were a pain, Apple always fixed them promptly.

When my trackpad stopped working recently, I took it in to the Apple store. The gentleman at the Genius Bar said the trackpad could be repaired in-house, but the whitish patches on the screen ought to be repaired, and they couldn't do that at the store. So it was shipped off to Apple. Now the spots had been there forever (or, that is, since I had bought it), and they didn't bother me much, but I figured if it ought to be repaired, well, OK.

Today Apple called me and said that the screen problems were not normal wear and tear; to have them fixed would cost $700. I didn't care, I said; just leave the screen alone and fix the trackpad. Nope, they said - "Apple doesn't do partial repairs." They won't fix anything at all unless I pay them to fix the screen.

If Apple is willing to sell a computer with a screen in that condition, I don't see why they aren't willing to repair around it. My AppleCare warranty is now completely useless. I have left a message for the original gentleman at the store to hear what he suggests. However, I am most assuredly not paying Apple a single penny for a repair I do not want or need.

I have used Macs since 1984. Every one of the four computers I have bought has been an Apple. I have paid the premium cost because I not only prefer the interface, but because Apple has generally demonstrated the same loyalty and consideration towards its customers that Apple fans have felt for it. However, it's like a work-for-life agreement between corporation and employee; once the company breaks it, my loyalty is gone.

If Apple won't either fix the screen or just leave it alone and fix the trackpad, I will pay a third party to repair it, because I don't have the funds at this time for a new computer. But that will be the last Apple product I ever buy.

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Lisa said...

ooooh. it makes me sad when dedicated mac people start to talk about switching!! but i don't blame you for being annoyed. i bet you can get it sorted out - i hope so! just because one guy at apple says this doesn't mean that is the only thing apple will do.