Friday, March 30, 2007

News flashes

U.S. News & World Report's grad school rankings are out, and Peabody moved up to three overall (tied with Harvard) and to #9 in higher ed.

Yesterday I saw my first '08 presidential bumper sticker (for Obama).

iTunes has finally added a feature I have been longing for; if you buy a single, you can go back later and get the album for a little less. (This offer is only good for six months after the purchase of the single, which seems reasonable to me.) iTunes even helps you out by displaying a list of albums you are eligible for.

And also in Apple news, my laptop returned to me today. In celebration, I'm going to stay in and bond with it by watching Lagaan. Just kidding. I mean, about expecting to to bond with it.


Anonymous said...

Congradulations to Vanderbilt!

Jen Cutler said...

Hilarious! Did you really watch Lagaan?! I saw that movie a few years ago (while still in Indy), and loved it in a kitschy sort of way. :-) Hope all is well!


turducken said...

Oh yeah! It was exactly the four-hour, all singing, all dancing spectacular spectacular about grain taxes and cricket I had been looking for!